Divisional Courses

HUM 105: Arts Entrepreneurship (3 units)

Fall 2021

This course provides students interested in the arts and/or business with an opportunity to develop an idea for an arts organization and turn it into a functioning, sustainable enterprise. Building on each student's own connection to the arts, the course teaches how to invent an arts organization, define its mission, locate the organization within a community, develop its offerings via products, services, and public programs, and manage the organization's numerous operational features. 


Richard S Andrews

Richard S. Andrews is the Associate Director of the UC Berkeley Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT) and Executive Director of the Eco Ensemble. He has been working in arts management for over twenty years.

HUM 20: Explorations in Arts + Design at Berkeley (1 unit)

Fall 2021

A+D Mondays @ BAMPFA is a weekly public lecture series organized by the Arts + Design Initiative and co-curated by departments throughout the campus and local and national arts organizations. Through lectures by leading scholars, artists, and public figures, students are introduced to vocabularies, forms, and histories from the many arts, design, humanities, and media disciplines represented at UC Berkeley.  Explore cutting-edge thinking and making on topics of current interest to UC Berkeley's creative faculty and national leaders in the cultural and creative arts. Students engage with the lecture series through weekly response papers and a final reflection paper. 

HUM 100: Transfer Foundations (4 units)

Fall 2021

This course is designed for new transfer students, and will provide the tools and supports necessary to succeed in upper-division coursework in the Arts and Humanities at Berkeley. Working together in collaborative hands-on workshops in the Active Learning Classroom, students will master the major skills of humanistic study: critical reading, active listening, literary and cultural analysis, examination, participation, research, writing, and revision. Learning from panels of senior transfer students and visiting professors, this class will build a large and supportive cohort of new students, a community that is astoundingly diverse in its makeup but united in its aim to make Berkeley an intellectual home.

HUM 120: Entrepreneurship For All: An Insiders' Guide to Startups (3 units)

Spring 2022

This class is designed to teach the art and science of entrepreneurship to humanists, artists, scientists, and social scientists, imparting real-world skills that can be directly put into practice. Lectures will cover key topics in the entrepreneurial process: user-centric design; ethics and culture-setting; rhetoric and fundraising; lean startup path to product-market fit; customer acquisition and business models. Weekly guest lectures by thought leaders will offer direct guidance and models of success. Group projects will let students craft and pitch startup ideas. This course will instruct and inspire students to have an entrepreneurial mindset in their work in social ventures, non-profit organizations, and innovative startups. The course's vision is to offer students training in a flourishing field that is increasingly vital in our culture. Its mission is to teach students genuine, real-world skills that can be directly put into practice. Lectures will give students conceptual, contextual, and practical knowledge of the entrepreneurial process, while guest lectures by national thought-leaders will offer exposure to professional possibilities, direct guidance, and models of success. This course will instruct and inspire students to have an entrepreneurial mindset in social ventures, non-profit organizations, and pro-innovation, risk-taking startups. Course catalog link here.


Charles Huang

Charles is a co-founder of RedOctane and the co-creator of the Guitar Hero video game franchise. Guitar Hero was published in 2005 and went on to become the fastest video game to reach $1B in sales. Activision acquired RedOctane in June 2006. Guitar Hero was the best-selling video game in the world in 2007 and 2008. In 2006, Charles (along with his brother Kai) was named as one of the 50 top producers in new media by the Producers Guild of America New Media Council, whose membership includes such famed movie directors as Jerry Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer. Charles left Guitar Hero in 2010. He is an advisor to several VC funds and sits on the board of several startups. His lab is Indigo 7, where he works on music, fashion, or health tech projects. Charles immigrated to California as a young child and currently resides in Silicon Valley with his wife. He holds a BA in Asian Studies and Economics from UC Berkeley, is a Trustee on the UC Berkeley Foundation, and is a Builder of Berkeley. 

Umair A. Khan

Umair is a Founding Partner at Mentors Fund, and Founder and Chairman of Folio3, a global design and development services company. He is also Founder and CEO of SecretBuilders, an Ed-Tech venture focused on game-based learning. Previously, Umair founded Clickmarks, a mobile software company acquired in 2005 by Semotus, Inc., and Wordwalla, a multilingual software solutions startup, acquired in 2001 by Morisawa Corp. In 1997, Umair co-founded Chowk, a pioneering social network focused on the South Asian Diaspora. Umair started his career at Intel Corp.  Umair has over 20 industry patents applied for or pending in computer design and architecture, including four from his work at Intel and one from his graduate research at MIT.  He holds an SB in Mathematics with Computer Science (1992) and an MS in Computer Engineering (1995) from MIT.