Although a liberal arts major prepares you with the skills you need to succeed in the workplace, employers also want to see experience. An internship allows you to learn more about a field you are interested in, develop your academic skills in a professional work setting, and gain a competitive edge in the job search.

How to get an internship:

Decide what kind of internship you would be interested in pursuing.

  1. If you’re not sure what you want to do, see our list of possible careers as a starting point. The point of an internship is to help you explore so you don’t need to be sure of what you want to do yet!

  2. Visit the UC Berkeley Career Counseling Library(link is external) for help exploring your career options.

  3. Visit the UC Berkeley Career Center for help in identifying internship opportunities.

Decide where you want to do an internship.

  1. View the internship listings(link is external) on the Career Center’s website.

  2. Research companies and organizations doing the type of work you’re interested in. See if their website has information about an internship program, or read the Career Center’s guide to developing your own internship(link is external).

  3. Consider UC Berkeley programs like

    1. Berkeley Arts Connect (ARC) internships(link is external) in fund development, communications and marketing

    2. Film & Media Internship Program in film-related areas including research, production, editing, communications or event planning

    3. UC Berkeley Public Service internships(link is external) in policy, direct service and organizing

    4. Berkeley Global Internships Abroad(link is external) in business, management, marketing, education, media and communications, etc.

    5. UC Berkeley Transfer Student Center internships(link is external) in operations, outreach, programming and social media

    6. Haas Institute Summer Fellowship(link is external) on issues relating to marginalized groups and transformative change


Take advantage of the Career Center’s resources to update your resume and cover letter(link is external), and to improve your interviewing skills(link is external).

Reflect on your internship and what you learned about working in this field.

Decide whether you’re interested in pursuing further opportunities in this field, or if you want to explore other areas. Regardless, update your resume with the experience you gained!