Arts & Humanities Dean's Office

Undergraduate Students:

Not sure who to contact, or just have general questions about the Arts and Humanities? Email the undergraduate Dean's Leadership Team at

The Dean’s Leadership Team serves as a bridge between students and administration in the Arts & Humanities division. The goals of the Dean’s Leadership Team are to:

  • Promote visibility of the Arts & Humanities across campus, especially for less well-known departments and programs.

  • Conduct outreach to students considering a major in Arts & Humanities at Cal.

  • Increase undergraduate student engagement by providing access to resources and awareness of opportunities for students to get involved.

  • Bridge the gap between Cal and post-Cal.

  • Increase communication and collaboration between departments.

  • Define and create a vocabulary for discussing the Humanities and its value.

Mailing Address:

Arts & Humanities Division
College of Letters and Science
101 Durant Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-2920
(510) 642-3331