Diversity Initiatives and Resources

For Graduate Students

American Indian Graduate Program (AIGP): Seeks, through outreach, individual recruitment, and student services, to counteract the barriers that prevent the full participation of American Indian and Alaska Native students in graduate education.

Office of Graduate Diversity (OCD): The Office for Graduate Diversity serves as a resource for the admissions process, academic support, financial advice, and professional development. It also provides a forum for ideas and programs designed to enhance the educational experience of underrepresented students, including those who are undocumented, first generation college students, and those who are educationally and financially challenged.

Support for Student Parents: Student parents make up about 10% of Berkeley’s graduate population. Berkeley is committed to supporting policies, programs, and services to help student parents meet their family care obligations while they pursue their academic goals.

Undocumented Graduate Student Resources (Office for Graduate Diversity): The OGD plays a central role in advancing the university’s mission to foster academic excellence through diversity. OGD provides support services for prospective and continuing students on the Berkeley campus in an effort to maintain a more diverse graduate student community. OGD serves as a resource for the admissions process, academic support services, financial advice, and professional development. It also provides a forum for ideas and programs designed to enhance the educational experience of undocumented students. Constantly a work in progress, we are working towards creating an evermore vibrant community of undocumented graduate students. We urge you to get plugged in right away to experience the benefits of UC Berkeley graduate community support!

For Undergraduate Students

The Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence: Ensures non-traditional students excel at the top public University in the world. By respecting every undergraduate as a unique individual, CE3 programs empower UC Berkeley students to achieve and lead. CE3 is comprised of several programs and centers.

For Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Basic Needs CenterThe Basic Needs Center acts as a virtual and physical hub to support students in their journey to access essential services that impact health, belonging, and overall well-being. The Basic Needs Center team is committed to fostering belonging and justice on the UC Berkeley campus through a robust model of prevention, intervention and emergency relief efforts addressing holistic needs. We define basic needs as an ecosystem that includes: financial stability; nutritious and sufficient food; safe, secure and adequate housing; accessible and equitable health/medical care, technology and transportation.

Cal Veteran Services Center: The Cal Veteran Services Center is dedicated to providing programs and services in support of the academic and personal success of student veterans. As a supportive and inclusive community, they are committed to increasing student veteran access to and awareness of campus resources and enrichment opportunities. The center also promotes campus and community engagement and leadership development that enrich and support students' academic and professional goals. The Cal Veteran Services Center carries out the University commitment to access and equity for students and plays a key role in campus outreach and recruitment of student veterans.

Disabled Students' Program (DSP): The Disabled Students' Program promotes an inclusive environment for students with disabilities. They equip students with appropriate accommodations and services to achieve their individual academic goals. They are dedicated to supporting students and collaborating with the campus community to remove barriers to educational access and embrace the University’s values of equity and inclusion. They believe that an accessible environment universally benefits everyone.

Gender Equity Resource Center (GenEq): GenEq, is a UC Berkeley campus community center committed to fostering an inclusive Cal experience for all. GenEq is the campus location where students, faculty, staff and alumni connect for resources, services, education and leadership programs related to gender and sexuality