Art Practice Summer Abroad visits the coastal city of Eleusis, Greece

students gather together in front of a historical monument
July 26, 2023

This July, the Department of Art Practice hosted its first Summer Abroad course in the coastal city of Eleusis, Greece. For four weeks, a group of 21 Cal students lived in Eleusis while participating in a summer Art 160 course called “Artmaking, Community, and Social Impact” led by Professor Jill Miller. During this time, students immersed themselves in the Eleusinian culture, learning about ancient mysteries while also experiencing contemporary art and community events. The class was hosted by local cultural partners, Study Abroad in Greece (SAiG), an initiative from the group CHORUS

The class centered on socially-engaged art practices and strategies, including: mapping urban landscapes, engaging with local communities through cultural events and gatherings, interviewing residents to understand their unique perspectives, and spending time listening to and learning from artists in the community. The course culminated in a stunning exhibition in Eleusis at a popup space called Mysterious Gallery, a nod to the sacred archaeological site of the Eleusinian Mysteries just one block from the exhibition location. 

The Department of Art Practice awarded each art major a scholarship to attend the program. For more information about future summer offerings, contact Summer Abroad Adviser Alex Tan

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