New Directions in Latinx Research in the Arts & Humanities

As part of our Advancing Faculty Diversity in the Arts and Humanities programming, we’re excited to announce our three-part speaker series focused on New Directions in Latinx Research in the Arts and Humanities
Diversity Office, Arts & Humanities
March 20, 2024

The Diversity Office in the Division of Arts & Humanities is thrilled to announce a new program titled New Directions in Latinx Research in the Arts & Humanities as part of the Advancing Faculty Diversity in the Arts & Humanities Initiative launched last year. The program will launch as a special speaker series featuring the research from three current UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellows. The series is intended to introduce the UC Berkeley community to the evolving landscape of Latinx scholarship, showcasing the pioneering work of our esteemed speakers. These scholars represent the forefront of Latinx research, offering innovative perspectives within the arts and humanities.

Join us at the Faculty Club on April 4th and 8th for an enriching exploration into the multifaceted dimensions of Latinx culture and identity. Each session will take place in the Howard Room of the Faculty Club and will feature engaging presentations. Following the talks, there will be dedicated time for Q&A, providing attendees with the opportunity to delve deeper into the presented topics.

Refreshments will be served, fostering an environment of collegiality and intellectual exchange. We invite you to join us in celebrating the intellectual vitality and scholarly contributions of these President’s Postdoctoral Fellows, while also gaining new insights into the dynamic field of Latinx research.

Featured speakers include:

  • April 4th, noon, Brenda Selena Lara will present her work in a talk, titled “A Llorona Ontology: Unveiling Gloria Anzaldúa's Archival and Literary Hauntings.” 

  • April 8th, noon, Mauricio Ramírez will present “Painting Solidarity: US Central American Murals of San Francisco.” 

  • April 8th, 4 PM. Dan Bustillo will present “Refusing Spectacle: Trans Latinx Counter-Security Media.”

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