Wilson Wang: Learning my Best Friend's Language

person looking at camera

Photo by Jen Siska; Banner design by Neil Freese

October 18, 2023

Tell me about yourself and what languages you speak. 
I’m a senior with a double major in Film and Media Studies and Philosophy and I’m a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese. I also speak English and Cantonese Chinese, the latter of which I’ve been taking over the years here at Berkeley. I’m also on the Division of Arts & Humanities Dean's Leadership Team.

What made you what made you interested in taking a language at Berkeley?
My best friend is from Hong Kong and we met in high school. He has always been able to speak Mandarin quite well and we have always communicated using Mandarin or English. After a while, I wanted to commit to learning his language. It's been a nice connection. I also have a general interest in Hong Kong and Hong Kong cinema. 

What advice would you give to students who are interested in studying languages at Berkeley?
I would say start early, but also try out different languages because I've been wanting to take German and Italian for a very long time. But, now in my fifth year, I just don't have much time! It's quite sad and I wish I had started earlier. So don't wait. Just do it. If you're interested in more than one language, just sign up already!