Jaidalyn Bradley





San Diego, California



What excites you about being on the Dean's Leadership Team?

In general, I am excited to be on the Dean’s Leadership Team (DLT) because it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with students in the Division of Arts & Humanities (A&H). As a mentor, I am excited to support my peers as they navigate through their academic journey in any capacity that I am needed/wanted. If you are already thinking of declaring a major/minor in Philosophy or even taking a course as an elective, feel free to reach out

What advice do you have for new Berkeley students?

It is important to remind yourself to take a step back and reflect on/appreciate how far you’ve come. It can almost feel as if you are not doing ‘it’ right unless your schedule is packed - the pressure to be ‘on top of your game’ is extremely intense, even more so if you are or intend to work part-time. Be sure to set aside time for yourself.