PPFP Faculty Recruitment Program

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The Advancing Faculty Diversity in the Arts and Humanities Grant (AFDAH) provides up to $40,000 over two years for the Arts & Humanities PPFP concierge program.

Arts and Humanities programs that are considering inviting current or former UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (PPFP) participants to do on-campus talks as part of their search processes may have their expenses associated with these visits (up to $3,000 per candidate) covered by the grant.

Information about the AFDAH PPFP Concierge Program: 

This program works with departments to incorporate, when possible, the PPFP fellows in their outreach, candidate pools, and hiring plans. The A&H DEIBJ office staff meets with departments to discuss current FTEs, researches new Fellows, and works with departments and centers to host Fellows of interest. 

The A&H PPFP Concierge Program ($40,000 over two years) supports:

  • Candidate research and selection

  • Candidate hosting (talks, events, dinners)

  • Information and consultations regarding the FTE benefits and hiring incentives of the PPFP program for departments

Overview of PPFP hiring incentives: $85,000/yr for five years; waiver of open search: a PPFP hire does not take the place of an FTE for 5 years; if not initially hired at a UC, former PPFP candidates are eligible for the salary support and waiver at any time in their academic career.

Interested departments can contact Alberto Ledesma (aledesma@berkeley.edu) and maria faini (mfaini@berkeley.edu) for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of recruitment qualify for AFDAH funds?

On or off-cycle recruitment can qualify. If recruitment is during an open-search, the funds can be used only for strategies consistent with those for all potential candidates.

How do we find out about former PPFP fellows?

The AFDAH staff have a comprehensive list of all former PPFP fellows that they will share at any time by request.

How do we find out about new PPFP fellows?

The PPFP official website posts the list of new fellows every July 1st. Departments can also work with the AFDAH staff to assess the lists of new fellows to determine whether there are fellows of interest.

Who do we work with to process the PPFP funding?

Departments applying for PPFP recruitment funds will receive funds in the form of reimbursements. They will report their expenses to the DEIBJ office and will be reimbursed by the end of the fiscal year of their recruitment. Departments must save all documentation and receipts, and report the final expense number to the DEIBJ office staff.

What does off-cycle recruitment of PPFP fellows entail?

Off-cycle recruitment is the recruitment of any former PPFP fellow who now holds an academic position at another university, and who has never been hired at a University of California university.

What does PPFP recruitment during open-calls entail?

With open FTE searches, any search committee who considers a current or former PPFP fellow during their search will be eligible for up to $3,000 for the recruitment of that candidate. Recruitment for PPFP candidates should take place during the regular recruitment cycle for the open FTE, and should follow the same criteria and practices that departments use for all potential candidates for that search. Committee or department chairs can apply to the AFDAH team for support using this...

What is the timeline for spending PPFP recruitment funds?

Whether for on or off-cycle recruitment, funds should be spent by the end of the academic year they were awarded (for example, funds awarded in FY 24 should be spent by the end of FY 24).

How do I apply for PPFP recruitment funds?

Applications to use PPFP recruitment funds, up to $3,000 for each recruit, can be submitted to the AFDAH team on a rolling basis throughout the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 academic years. Departments can submit applications for funding through this FORM.

What are the PPFP hiring incentives?

Please see the PPFP hiring incentives here. Also, upcoming, see the recording of our PPFP info session, with details specific to recruitment and hiring at UC Berkeley, here.

How would we incorporate PPFP fellows in recruitment during open-searches?

The AFDAH PPFP Concierge program is designed to help departments consider PPFP fellows during their open-searches over the next few years. The program shares information on new PPFP fellows, announced every July 1st, and former PPFP fellows who may be of interest to departments. Departments conducting open searches can work with the AFDAH staff to identify and recruit potential PPFP fellows of interest, keeping within the standards of open-search recruitment, or recruit former PPFP fellows who have never been hired at the University of California.