The Versatile PhD

"The Versatile PhD(link is external)(link is external)" is a resource for Berkeley’s graduate students and Ph.D. holders, giving our community of students and alumni valuable guidance about career options beyond academia. While the focus is on careers for those in the humanities and social sciences, graduate students in all disciplines can benefit.

Versatile PhD features community-driven forums and message boards that allow members to ask questions about finishing graduate school and finding a job within or beyond academia. Professionals with doctoral degrees offer first-hand advice, personal stories, useful resources, and valuable contacts. The site also features job postings, event announcements, book recommendations, member profiles, career autobiographies, career panels, and job-search success stories.

Use Versatile PhD to plan your future. It can help you to learn about a range of careers in your field and to understand how others have found their dream jobs after earning a Ph.D.