Undergraduate Research in the Arts & Humanities

Research in the Arts and Humanities is about asking questions and discovering new ideas, often based on analysis or close inspection of artifacts (texts, artwork, films or other human productions). Arts and Humanities research may be conducted by reading sources in the library or online, studying artifacts in a museum, interviewing people in the community, or collecting evidence in the field.

In contrast to common ideas of research in the sciences, it is not necessarily about using data to develop new products or processes. Instead, the outcomes of research in Arts and Humanities fields are often intellectual and artistic. Conducting research in the Arts and Humanities may mean questioning assumptions, finding new meanings or uncovering new perspectives.

How can you get involved in research in the Arts & Humanities?

Where does research happen?

Research happens in every department and program in the Arts & Humanities. Additionally, UC Berkeley is home to numerous interdisciplinary research centers and museums, including:

Regional Area Studies

Museums and Collections