Faculty Publications

Title Author Year Publication typesort descending
Meadowlark 2020 Book
After Marx: Literature, Theory and Value in the Twenty-First Century Christopher Nealon 2022 Book
Irish Literature in Transition, 1980-2020 Eric Falci, Edited by Paige Reynolds 2020 Book
Second Time Around: From Art House to DVD D.A. Miller 2021 Book
The Value of Poetry Eric Falci 2020 Book
Webspinner: Songs, Stories, and Reflections of Duncan Williamson, Scottish Traveller JOHN NILES 2022 Book
Francisco de Goya and the Art of Critique Anthony J Cascardi 2023 Book
Acting My Age Thomas Farber 2021 Book
Ecstatic Pessimist Czeslaw Milosz, Poet of Catastrophe and Hope PETER D. SCOTT 2023 Book
Cheerfulness - A Literary and Cultural History Timothy Hampton 2022 Book
The New Joyce Studies CATHERINE FLYNN 2022 Book
Customs: Poems SOLMAZ SHARIF 2023 Book
What Proust Said: Novels and the Ethnography of Talk Michael Lucey 2022 Book
Behaviorism, Consciousness, and the Literary Mind Joshua Gang 2021 Book
Forthcoming: Near-Earth Object JOHN SHOPTAW 2024 Book
Figures of Possibility: Aesthetic Experience, Mysticism, and the Play of the Senses Niklaus Largier 2022 Book
Forthcoming: Similarly CECIL S. GISCOMBE 2023 Book
Apropos of Something Elisa Tamarkin 2022 Book
Queer Euripides Re-Readings in Greek Tragedy Sarah Olsen, Mario Telo 2022 Book
Train Music: Writing / Pictures C.S. Giscombe and Judith Margolis 2021 Book
The Villa Farnesina, Palace of Venus in Renaissance Rome James Grantham Turner 2022 Book
Archive Feelings: A Theory of Greek Tragedy Mario Telo 2022 Book
Pathologies of Motion: Historical Thinking in Medicine, Aesthetics, and Poetics KEVIS GOODMAN 2022 Book
Bigger Than Life: The Close-Up and Scale in the Cinema Mary Anne Doanne 2021 Book
Strange Likeness Description and the Modernist Novel Dora Zhang 2020 Book
The Trouble with Literature Victoria Khan 2020 Book
Image Objects: An Archaeology of Computer Graphics Jacob Gaboury 2021 Book
Under the Dome: Walks with Paul Celan byJean Daive Translator: Rosmarie Waldrop Introduction by: Robert Kaufman Introduction by: Philip Gerard 2020 Book
Comintern Aesthetics STEVEN S. LEE, Co-edited with Amelia M. Glaser 2020 Book

Faculty publications, journals, and other works.